With a powerful combination of passion and innate musicality, Danielle Corbin writes emotional music that is sure to captivate her listeners. Her diverse musical background includes classical and contemporary training as well as experience as a composer, songwriter, teacher and performer. She is best known for writing dramatic and moving pieces that reach straight to the soul.

Born and raised in Vernon, BC, Canada, Danielle discovered a love for both playing and creating music. From a young age, her sound has reminded people of the movies. In 2007, she moved to Nelson, BC to further her training as a composer at Selkirk College in the Contemporary Music and Technology Program. Under the direction of the talented Gilles Parenteau, she was encouraged to study a variety of keyboard instruments and was the first in Canada to graduate with a diploma in Contemporary Organ. Since graduating in 2010, Danielle has made Nelson home and continues to build her career as a multifaceted musician.

With the release of her debut single, “Till We Meet Again”, Danielle is expanding into the song-writing world. This song of hope was written to help deal with the loss of a loved one; it addresses not only grief but also gratitude for knowing our loved ones and the hope of seeing them again. Originally written for some of her own family members dealing with the loss of a dear friend, she is sharing this touching song in order to help others during such a challenging time.

Danielle has always believed in the power of music and considers is a privilege to share her music with others.  From heartfelt lyrical songs to the dramatic film music, her compositions are sure to draw you in leave you eager to hear more.

About Danielle