Danielle Corbin has always believed in the power of music and writes songs that have a positive impact on the lives of her listeners. With sincere lyrics, her debut single, "Till We Meet Again", is a song that cuts straight to the soul as it deals with the loss of a loved one. This song of hope addresses not only grief but also gratitude for knowing our loved ones and the hope of seeing them again.

Originally written for some of her own family members dealing with the loss of a dear friend, Danielle is sharing this touching song in order to help others during such a challenging time.

There are four versions of “Till We Meet Again” - the original as well as the “Him”, “Her” , and “Them” Versions. These songs are available for purchase for personal use or in a funeral/memorial service. To hear the full songs, watch the YouTube videos below. These versions can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon mp3 and the Google Play Music Store. Click on any of the buttons above to purchase the song.

A personalized version of the song can also be created for you. See more information below.


A personalized version of “Till We Meet Again” can be created just for you. This personal touch would be a lovely addition to a funeral or memorial service, to give as a gift to someone who has lost someone close, or as a personal keepsake.

For $49 CAD, you will be sent a download package which includes the song with your loved one’s name recorded into it. If you would like more than one name to be recorded into the song, I can create a “Them” version for you. Up to three different names can be included in this case.  

Sample: (the last minute of the “Him” Version with the name “Robert” as an example)

Further personalization of the song may be an option (depending on what you want). Please contact me directly to discuss more options before purchasing. Prices for this will vary.


Preferred method of payment is through Interac e-trasnfer orPayPal. If you are not able to send payment online, please contact me and we can discuss payment by cheque or other options. Please allow up to 3 business days after payment has been received for your song to be created.


Once your song has been completed, a link to the download  package will be emailed to you via Dropbox (you do not need to have a Dropbox account to download the files). The package will include

- A high quality wav file of your song

- An mp3 of your song

- A personalized jpeg of the album art with the name of your loved one in the title

- A pdf file with a letter giving the story behind the song. If you provide me with the name of the  

   individual or family this song is for I will address the letter to them.

If you would prefer to have your song burned to a CD and then mailed to you, please let me know.

The cost and time of shipping will vary.